Free breakfast

NUSA provides free breakfast every day in the NUSA Building. Come in and have your fill of cereal, toast, tea, coffee, milk and juice.

Free safe sex supplies

You can find free condoms, lubricant, sexual health information and more inside the NUSA Building. You can find free tampons and safety whistles in the Women's Room.

Free sunscreen and mosquito repellant

At the University of Newcastle, you are either getting burnt by the sun or eaten alive by mosquitos. We have the supplies for that..

Autonomous spaces

You can find the Queer Space and the Women's Room in the NUSA Building. These spaces are designed for people who identify as belonging to those groups, and contain a wealth of important resources and information to help when you need it.

Gender inclusive bathroom

In addition to standard amenities, you will find a gender inclusive and accessible bathroom in the NUSA Building. Anybody is welcome to use this bathroom, regardless of their gender identity or (dis)ability. NUSA is proudly a trans-inclusive space.

Clubs and societies

NUSA supports student-run clubs and societies to organise and run events on campus. For more information, click here.

Student media

Since 1954, NUSA has published Opus Magazine, the University's only truly independent student-run source of media. You can find Opus on magazine racks around campus or online.

Free Food Friday

NUSA has partnered with OzHarvest to bring students heaps of free food to choose from every Friday. OzHarvest delivers unwanted or close-to-expiry food that ranges from fruit and vegetables to sweets, pre-cooked meals and more.


NUSA has always been a proud advocate for students. Our elected student representatives sit on various University panels and working groups so that students have a say in what goes on. Find out more about the NUSA Council here.

Free activities

In the NUSA Building, there are lots of things to do. Stop by and hang out on our comfy couches, study with friends, play our guitar or play on our XBox One - all free.